The past of Özekes  knives start in begining of 1890 . Presently from 4th generation father Cengiz Özekes and from 5th generation his son Kazım Özekes succeeded to present which is being continued their “ Hand made knife making” fame not only in Sinop and Turkey novadays at the foreing countries.

Grand father master Hüseyin was a famous gunsmith for his true craftsmanship. Than as a hobby he began making knives exeptional quality. Then he thaught his oldest son Ali Özekes this trade and ensured to continue the craft. Ali has thaught his oldest brother Kazım Özekes and ensured knife making, traditional family profession. Kazım Özekes taught all of his skills his son Erdoğan and Cengiz. They work together until 1965. Until this year he taught his sons all te secret of knife making and especially the secrets of doubling tempering the steel, then he quinted working.

Özekes family continue to make the one of the best quality hunting knives of the world. They work every day more than the past days.

Their most important principle, the knives they have given their family name on, should be the perfect ones. They spend very long time to make each part of their knifes to do not be any defective.

When the American Radar Base was open in Sinop ( 28 years) at most buyers were the American soldiers. Presently same foreigners especially who cames to buy hunting knives and Turkish hunters and collectors are our buyers.